What to fix with your photos in lack of sharp?

A sharp picture is definitely a beautiful picture. But for some reason you take photos that are blurry, blurry, not sharp. Why is that? This article will share with you the reasons why the image is not sharp and how to fix it. Stay tuned with us!

You set a shutter speed is too slow

One of the most common causes of blurring in your photos is due to the slow shutter speed. The secret to overcoming this situation, you must set the lowest shutter speed to be 1 divided by the lens focal length to compensate for camera shake when holding hands. To be sure, double the focal length.

For example, if you take a photo with a 60mm focal length lens, make sure that your shutter speed is no slower than 1/60 second (doubling the focal number will give you 1/120 second) or faster than that number. If you are shooting with a lens with a focal length of 85mm, make sure it is 1/90 second (or 1/180 second if doubled) or faster.

Camera is shaking

This is a very common reason that images are not sharp, if you cannot use a shutter speed fast enough to freeze camera or camera movement, and cannot or do not want to push the ISO sensitivity, then you Need to put the camera into some form of support.

A tripod can be extremely useful when you are using a long and heavy telephoto lens, which will reduce the weight off your arm and reduce shaky when shooting and will become clear as soon as you look through it. viewfinder.

Without a tripod, the camera is light and easy to move, allowing freedom to move the lens around and track a moving object. However, when you need maximum stability, a tripod is the necessary choice. If you do not need the full height of the tripod you can extend the thicker leg section and do not pull off the center column to achieve the best results.

Vibration by touching the machine

Just touching a camera mounted on a tripod can be enough to shake it up a bit and this can make the image out of focus. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to solve the problem with a remote control device.

Remote control devices come in two forms, wired and wireless. As a general rule, wireless Remote is more expensive but more efficient than wired connections.

A wired remote must be connected to the camera and any movement of the cable, maybe its result will be blown into the wind or when you move, it may affect the camera and cause the image to be out of focus. , so be careful how you handle it.

One downside to remote wireless remotes is that they often work through infrared light, and this can make them vulnerable to use in harsh sunlight. And it also often needs activation to be within the maximum radius of the receiver / camera.

Remote controls are especially useful when you want to capture exposure because they prevent you from having to press the camera’s shutter button during the exposure time.

The object is moving

For a moving subject, even if you are using a tripod, the image after shooting is definitely blurry. In this case, to capture clear images, you still need to set the shutter speed fast enough to resist motion.

So how much speed is appropriate? If it is a normal pedestrian, the speed of 1 / 60s or 1 / 125s is fine. However, for faster moving objects such as cars, or taking pictures of sports such as football and swimming, the speed of about 1 / 500s or more can capture the rhythm of movement. .

When you set the shutter speed, it means increasing the ISO or increasing the aperture of the lens to let more light into the camera. While increasing the ISO is a must avoid when shooting stills such as landscapes, portraits, but for sports photography, if you want a beautiful and sharp image, this is extremely necessary. Maybe raising the ISO to a higher level will cause the image to be noisy, but still much better than the blurry image.

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