Wedding photography and tips

If you are planning to “embark” on the path of professional wedding photography, then you need to have excellent skills and extreme patience. But to be able to own truly beautiful pictures, to be able to capture the most true emotions, every happy moment as well as every beautiful detail on the big day of the bride and groom, you also need Must have your own wedding photography tips. With the wedding photography tips to help successful photographer start-up below will surely help you a lot in conquering your dream of starting a business with wedding photography.

You must have a “shooting subject list”

One of the most useful tips I have for you on the subject of wedding photography is that you have to remind the Bride and Groom to list what they want you to take that day and give the list for you to look through. . This is especially useful for family photos.

Find people coordinating / helping with family photos

The family shoot series seems to be the hardest part. People move around and often get excited after drinking alcohol. Background will be very chaotic. You cannot even distinguish the members of the family, so ask the Bride and Groom to choose a person with “roles” on each side of the family willing to stand out to help you. They can gather people and guide shaping into frames. You will be less confused, while the main couple can focus more on the party.

Land survey

Come first to observe the location of the photo, you will have an idea of some beautiful camera positions or angles, as well as know the direction of the light (the most important element that can affect the shooting process). image!)

Preparation is most important in wedding photography

A lot of things may not be what you want on that day – so be prepared. You have to make a backup plan (in case of bad weather), you have to have a pre-charged battery, a free memory card, you have to calculate the route and time to get there and have a plan for the whole day. to be able to understand what is the next step.

Planning with the Bride and Groom

Talk to them about the plan and how to take a photo. You should learn to know what they want, how many photos they want to take, the basic elements they want to record, how the photos will be used (print, or save as a file, etc.). ). If you charge them, remember to agree on a price.

Turn off the sound on his camera

“Beep beep” sounds while speaking, kisses, claims not to include. Remember to turn off the sound and keep it off during the shoot.

Capture the small details

The pair of wedding rings, the back of the skirt, shoes, flower decoration and party tables, etc. will help the wedding photo album add more fresh colors. You can refer to the wedding magazine to find inspiration for this series of photos.

Use two cameras

You should use two cameras (if you don’t own them, borrow or rent them!) And prepare two different lenses. You should prepare a wide-angle zoom lens (24 – 35mm focal length) for natural surprise shots in a non-confined space (especially for the wedding preparation stage); same telephoto lens (focal length 70 – 200mm).

Consider finding another photographer

Having a second photographer to plan is always the best. That helps you avoid moving around during the ceremony and speeches, allowing each of you to capture the most solemn photos and the other to capture the most natural ones. This also helps reduce the pressure on you because you don’t have to capture all the photos!

There should be bold ideas but don’t interfere with everyone

Timidity won’t help you get a shot, so you need to be consistent and vigorous in guiding subjects when taking photos. However, time is of the utmost importance and contemplating important moments is essential in order not to interrupt the ceremony. You can move the machine between the activities of the ceremony, such as when the guest participates in singing. Be sure of the photo frames you want to take, and may be bold to make them after exchanging ideas with the Bride and Groom. Sometimes, it is the photographer who directs the ceremony (for a beautiful set of photos); So you need to try to make things happen naturally.

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