Using a compact camera in photography, why not?

Instead of using DSLRs or mirrolesses, many photographers have opted for compact cameras for street photography. Why is this option available, my recommentation will help you answer this question through the following reasons why Compact cameras are suitable for street photography below.

1. Size

Most Compact camera devices have a compact design and relatively light weight, which is convenient for users to carry around on the move all day long without making users feel tired or uncomfortable about heavy of the machine.

Compact cameras are small, compact and lightweight so it is very convenient for users to carry with them throughout the day. With this advantage, the photographer can freely shoot without feeling uncomfortable about the weight of the machine.

In fact, if you have a street shoot for 2-3 hours with a DSLR camera you will feel quite tired because of the bulky and much more tired if you have to carry around other equipment. Therefore, compact cameras become the perfect option for size and compactness.

2. Quality image

Even the most basic compact camera can produce high quality images that can be shared on social media and small print. Of course the more expensive device will have better support features. However, what makes a beautiful photo is in the ability of the photographer while the camera is just a composition tool.

3. Camera secour

Street photographers often prefer to carry simple luggage, not too bulky because they often have to travel a lot and often, if carrying too many things at the same time working in weather conditions. Not good (too cold, too hot) will wear out the power very quickly.

People who use DSLRs or mirrolesses for street photography often use lenses with a focal length of 5mm or 50mm. There is no guarantee that your camera equipment will have no issues, glitches, or simply want to switch to shooting at a different focal length. At this point, the Compact camera will be extremely useful, you can take it with you to spare and take out to use at any time.

4. Flexible focal length

Most compact cameras have the ability to adjust the focus on many levels so street photo shooters will have more photo opportunities. As mentioned above, compact cameras with flexible focal lengths will overcome the limitations of fixed-lens shooting on DSLR bodies.

5. The ability to crept in every corner

Another plus point when taking street photos with a Compact camera is that the photographer can take advantage of even the narrow price space to compose. Just like a phone or a mirorrless camera, Compact cameras can work in places where DSLRs are hard to capture.

6. Discreet when using

A discreet and separate camera plays an important role in street photography. A compact camera can help you approach your subject to shoot in the most natural way without worrying about being detected. About the size of a smartphone, you can comfortably shoot at chest level upwards, providing a different perspective when shooting at eye level.

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