Use effective cleaning tools when cleaning the lens

You don’t want to miss beautiful photos, great moments just because of some stains on the camera lens. Or simply don’t want the camera’s lifespan to be reduced just because of long-lasting dust. To avoid that, check out the following tips on how to clean your camera lenses, and make sure that you can easily clean your camera lens effectively. and safest.

Use filters or UV filters

When deciding to buy a camera, you should consider and buy a filter or UV filter with each lens. In addition to protecting the lens from UV rays, it is also resistant to scratches or even lens breaks. So UV filters should always be attached to the lens.

Thanks to this protective layer, you only need to clean the filter without worrying about scratching the original lens. Except when dust enters the lens. The point is that there are many types of filters, if you buy expensive lenses, you should also invest in a matching filter to have a good quality image that is still protected.

Use a blower

Dust blowing device, also known as “balloon blowing” is considered as an essential tool in cleaning the lens. You can blow away nasty dust and dust particles on the lens surface without touching the lens’s contact surface.

You should only use a blower instead of a compressed air tank, because the blowing force of the compressed air tank is extremely strong and contains chemicals inside, which can cause damage to the lens if used too much.

Use a soft brush or brush

When your camera lens gets too much dirt, the right tool is a brush or a brush with soft hairs to avoid scratching the surface of the optical glass.

Use specialized lens cleaning solution

Specialized lens cleaners will clean the dirt in the most optimal way. This solution cleans both fingerprints and dirt without leaving any wipes. However, should only put 2-3 drops of soft cloth at a time and wipe is enough. Avoid dripping directly on the glass surface.

Use effective cleaning tools

Commercially available thin and soft tissue wipes and towels you can use to clean lenses are available on the market today. In addition, if you do not want to use paper towels, you can buy yourself a microfiber cloth made of extremely fine microfiber material, when using that towel you can wipe out all the dirt to the slime without scratched lens. After use, you can wash the cloth or buy a new one at the glass shop with very low price.

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