The circle is the basic form in the design

Here are a few questions you should ask when you want to design a round logo.

Why do you want a circular logo design? Ignore reasons like “it looks good” or “my wordmark looks boring” and think about how this shape can really enhance your brand and business, as seen in the examples above.

Does your company name fit on the outside circle? Does the company name still retain legibility when resized? If not, are you willing to use abbreviations or a monogram design in a circle with the company name next to it or be edited to surround the space?

The only tip is: Keep things short.
Want to use horizontal text in circular logos? Your company name should be between 1-5 characters maximum – if not, use the initials or characters in the circle and place the full name next to it as seen in the example above.

Their Wordmark has 3 words, the monogram design consists of the first letter of each word, cleverly taking advantage of the round space. Make sure the font you choose fits within the circle and adjust the spacing between the letters to make the most of the space while leaving space near the margin.

The goal is to not have too much negative space – and keep your logo easy to read even with resizing. Imagine what your logo will look like when making favicons, avatars on social networks or on postcards – you’ll need a clear and easy-to-read design on all platforms. If your company name is long or does not fit in a small space, a circular monogram can be a logical complement to your wordmark. Because many platforms require your logo to be square, and the circle can fit within the square without leaving too much negative space.

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