Technique for exposure photography

Many people wonder why night photography has very sharp, grain-free, or more special, light that is becoming sparkling, lasting looking impressive? This is thanks to exposure photography. So, what is exposure photography, and how can you get exposure photography on the camera in the most professional way? If you are wondering, let Binh Minh Digital learn the techniques of exposure photography on camera in detail through the article below!

What is exposure photography?

Exposure photography is a photographer’s deliberately adjusting the shutter time to extend its duration by a few seconds, in order to get more light into it. This adjustment is most often used at night, in some situations of artistic movement or use in low light environments.

The purpose of exposure photography, to get the delicate lines of phenomenal things combined with their light, creates beautiful shimmering images without fading or graininess.

How to set parameters on the camera.

– First we need to switch the camera to M mode to be able to control all 3 parameters Aperture – Speed – ISO.

– The image format should be in RAW format for the convenience of post-production. Image size should be maximized.

– White Balance (White Balance – WB): If we set the RAW image format, we can set WB to Auto mode, if the white balance is not correct we can edit by post-processing on the computer. If you only shoot in JPEG format, you should set the WB to K temperature so that the color is exactly as you like.

– ISO setting: We usually set the light sensitivity to the lowest level, usually 100 or 50 so that the image does not have noise (Noise). But with some other shooting conditions we can increase the ISO accordingly. The new camera now has quite good noise reduction capability, we can raise ISO to 400, 800 but the image quality is still very good.

– Aperture: We should narrow the aperture to create a sharp depth, while extending the exposure time to suit the shooting purpose. Also when you narrow the aperture we also create very beautiful light rays. We can set the aperture from f / 11 to f / 16. Some cases may close to f / 22.

– Shutter speed: Regarding the shutter speed, when you exposure you will average exposure from 1-30 seconds and may be longer in BULD mode. Adjust the full screen metering mode and multi-point AF.

Proceed with exposure photography

– Fixed the camera on the tripod, set aperture parameters – speed – ISO – WB accordingly. Align the shooting angle so that it matches the shooting intent.

– Switch to manual focus mode (MF).

– If you do not use remote / soft cord, then set the device to self-timer mode 2s: press the function button Fn – Drive Mode – Self-timer 2 sec. The purpose of this step is to minimize camera vibration during exposure.

– After pressing the shutter button, never touch the camera until the capture is complete.

– If you use the infrared remote, you need to turn on the remote function in the machine: Menu -> Remote Ctrl -> On. Then you switch the camera to Bulb mode, hold down the shutter button on the Remote for enough shooting time that you predetermined, then release your hand and it will end the exposure process.

– If using a soft cord, you also need to switch the device to Bulb mode, plug the soft cord into the Multi port of the machine. Then turn the shutter button to Hold mode, the soft shutter button will hold the exposure itself without you having to hold the shutter button. At the same time, the press also counts the shooting time for you conveniently, when enough exposure time you push the shutter button to the original position is finished.

– Finally, copy to your computer, post-production as you like and enjoy your work.

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