Product photography tips

Some of you often take photos of your products with a smartphone and use image editing software for your products. However, this sometimes gets quite a lot of complaints from customers when the images they see are not exactly the same as the products they receive after receiving the goods. There are countless features of a professional camera that you can exploit for your product photography. For example, you can add different lenses to the camera to shoot products from afar or change the focus of the background. In addition, while the resolution on iPhone cameras is high, it is not as high as that of DSLR cameras, allowing you to display better details. The more detailed information you have about your customers, the more likely they are to buy your product.

With lifestyle product photography, you’ll want to use color psychology to capture emotions that fit your product. Did you notice that most electronic devices such as desktops, phones and tablets were shot against a glossy black background. This is probably because black symbolizes refinement and luxury and safety.

Taking some time to study psychology and color effects brings you many interesting discoveries. Using different colors can make it easier for customers to make purchases.

Use Macro photography effectively to describe materials in detail
If you sell jewelry, cosmetics, or products with fine detail, using the macro settings on your camera can help you capture the small details. Macro settings provide zoom in on details so customers can see what the product looks like. This can help customers feel confident when making a purchase because they can see more clearly what the product looks like. Using a macro lens, you will be able to capture fine details better than the settings on your camera. If you sell jewelry, you may want to invest in a macro lens.

Choose the perfect background
Product photography on a white background: A plain white background works well for standard product photos.

If you are creating lifestyle photos, you can use cardboard, wood panels, marble countertops, fabric, wallpaper or other background ideas.

If you sell rustic products, you can use wooden boards as product photography.

If you sell jewelry, makeup accessories, sunglasses or watches, you can use marble.

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