Pre-focus technique in amazing pictures

In response to moving subjects, camera manufacturers strive to learn and develop applications that can produce cameras that are able to focus quickly and accurately. This also clearly shows the class, and is still a measure of the quality perfection of a camera. However, not everyone can invest large sums of money to own those cameras.

The technique of pre-focus can be roughly understood as you have to predict the direction of the subject’s movement, then point the lens to the area where the subject will pass and focus first on. When the subject is in focus, you squeeze the trigger to make the picture.

Note when using this technique

One thing that you can easily recognize is that this technique depends heavily on the element of luck even when the subject moves as expected. They also depend on the aperture and shutter speed a lot to decide the sharpness of the picture, just a small error, it will make the image lose value.

On the side of the DSLR is a small button that says auto-manual. Normally we all take pictures in auto mode, but with pre-focus technique, you need to switch to manual focus mode (manual focus). On the lens, too, at this time, you have to use your hand to rotate the focus on the lens to focus on the distance you want to capture, called professional pre-focus.

To have a successful “front-focus” photo, you need to adhere to the following guidelines:
-Focusing is only really effective when you accurately predict the direction of the subject’s movement.
-The photo will be very beautiful if you use the camera manually adjusted. However, you can also use autofocus cameras.
-To avoid a subject that is out of focus, you need to use a small aperture to create a large depth of field.

This is considered one of the techniques that compel you to practice and accept very high failure. However, once you have mastered it you will get yourself really impressive pictures!

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