Photos of architecture and the secret to creating it?

Many of unique architectural works have also been a source of inspiration for photographers for generations. However, to be able to get impressive photos, you should refer to some tips to have a beautiful architectural photo that Binh Minh Digital shares the following.

Be proactive with colors

Color is an important element in architectural photography because it helps to attract the attention of the viewer. Find buildings with vivid, contrasting colors or complementary colors and see how you get a shot of how to put all the colors in just one photo. This could even be a theme for your new Instagram page – colorful buildings around the city.

Take your surroundings to framing

A building may be too simple, but it can become something different just by combining a little with the surroundings. In the photo below, we used the walls as a frame to guide the viewer’s eye from point to point. You can also use leaves, twigs or fences to create a frame around your image and make it a bit more shallow.

Catch shooting strange shapes

If you look closely, you can see that in addition to the tall rectangular block, you may notice some strange shapes somewhere. Use these shapes to create softer edges and give your photos a bit more contrast.

Use negative space

Often used in art, design and architecture, negative space is a creative way to create your photos. Negative space is the area around the object; It highlights the subject and creates a “breathing space” for your photo. Use this layout technique by focusing on the tip or the edge of the building, so that the rest of the space is as empty as possible.

To achieve a beautiful architectural shot, it requires a lot of factors not only good camera, quality camera accessories, but also technical factors. Hopefully the sharing on how to capture beautiful architecture photos above will help those who are passionate and interested in photography.

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