Lomography and how much the amazing of this style

Lomography is a concept that uses the camera to capture the most spontaneous, free and arbitrary moments. With the lomo’s “take away don’t be afraid” idea, players can use any type of camera and lens to take photos regardless of a pattern, rule or sensor size, aperture … . With this category, players do not need to care about the results that they obtained after each operation. The results are only exposed when you return home and look back on them with an extraordinary sense of comfort.

Origin of Lomography

Lomo is actually the name of a camera that was born around the middle of the 20th century in the former Soviet Union. This type of camera was a clone of the popular compact cameras that were made by Japan at the time, but with a number of typical lens defects that produced a particular sensitivity to red, blue, yellow, and so on. That’s the key to creating Lomography style later.

In 1991, two Austrian students in a lane traveled to Prague, bought an old Soviet film camera called Lomo for very cheap prices. With the purpose of capturing memories throughout the journey, they arbitrarily take pictures of what they see without caring about techniques such as focal length, ratio, light …
After washing the film, so surprised with the results, their friends who were really impressed with the quality of the camera decided to organize the photo exhibition by applying for city subsidies. The exhibition that took place in 1993 also marked the birth of the International Lomo Association (Lomographic Society), attracted a large number of people in Europe to participate and quickly spread to the whole world, becoming a trend then.

Unique characteristics of the Lomography school

   -The pictures of this school were taken with the LOMO LCA compact film machine produced in the former Soviet Union and some other machines on the list of the Association such as Holga, Lomofisheye …
-The images of this school must be taken randomly, freely and arbitrarily. You do not need to care about the rules, standards or even the aperture, focal length and even the image quality will be like. All will be exposed after washing and maybe one of them, will bring you surprises, interesting with Lomo style colors.

   -So that’s why the Lomo Association set out a “manifesto” about the Ten Golden Principles of Lomography:
1. Take it with you wherever you are
2. Shoot regardless of day and night
3. Do not worry about lomo affecting your life, because lomo is a part of your life
4. If there is a target, go ahead and click
5. No need to worry
6. Must be fast
7. No need to think what you will capture
8. No need to think about what you took
9. Take photos from any angle, even from … hips
10. Finally: do not care about 9 things above !!!

It used to be that when you could get a cheap film camera, now, you can pursue this style with modern digital cameras and adjust the colors accordingly. It suits the style. There is a simpler way is to apply a little head to the filter so it has the poor quality of Russian-made lenses.

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