Logo design based on shapes …

Gone are the days when we added shapes to logos just for aesthetics. Research in image communication has shown that each shape has specific links with the human brain, with the ability to amplify the message intended to reach the target audience.

Our article below will explore the familiar logo shapes and their impact on users.

Logo has squares and rectangles
Squares and rectangles convey a sense of stability and balance into the human mind. From there, in the human mind will appear a secondary connection to the feeling of trustworthiness and stability.

With more and more companies using beautiful and eye-catching logo designs, the user ‘s psychological reaction has recently been more easily recorded. Accordingly, the square and rectangular logos mean strength, efficiency and professionalism.

Logo with triangle
When discussing the shape of a logo, the triangle always plays a special role because the psychological connection of this shape depends on the style they are directed in the image.

When placed in the right direction, triangles represent tension and change, as they show the ability to go from unstable to stable (when placed vertically or on another platform) clearly. clear.

The triangle logo when inverted with the pointed point downwards indicates instability. The triangle is often seen as a strong, masculine shape, making it easy for users to associate strength, conflict, and speed. Triangles can also be used to show the direction and movement or replace the letters “A” and “V”.

Logo with circle
Thanks to the characteristic that does not contain any sharp edges or points, the circular logo design has become a popular choice. The balanced and soft circles create a special feeling, different from most other shapes. Round logos are often associated with femininity and can also provide a sense of security, durability and protection.

The oval logo is made up of a combination of many circles, also on this list. The many circles connected together often represent community, love and solidarity, as well as infinite and enduring. An iconic example of these properties is the Olympic logo with overlapping circles.

Logo with natural shape or spiral
Last but not least, the logo has a natural shape. These designs are always full of surprises and easily catch the eye thanks to their unique shape!

Designs in this form are usually flexible and soft, sometimes containing a circle or circle symbol, giving the impression that it is drawn by hand or completely improvised.

By creating a “truly natural” feel, companies in the health or insurance industry will often apply these shapes to their overall logos or brand designs.

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