Learning about style of BW photography

In black and white photography, the perspective as well as the shape of the subject must be a top priority. You have to be aware of the subtle black-to-white color shift of an object, how light will change when your eyes are not distracted by the vivid world of colors.

The subject of shooting is the most important

Because color is not used in photographs or candles, it is important to consider the subject. The perspective of the image as well as framing the “part” of the object added to the image are equally important, because the change between the blocks, the shadows as well as the color tone will make a clear difference between the two pictures. black and white photo. For professional photographers, every black and white photo needs to be scrutinized and framed as well as the perspective as carefully as taking color photos.

Master the black and white photography category

There are many people who think that, just take a normal picture and then turn black and white to get a good black and white picture. This is completely wrong, the camera’s sensor senses the transformation of light, the color is completely different from a photo editing application.

Consider the relationship between the background and the scene as well as the increase in contrast in the diagonal lines, while also paying attention to the black-and-white balance and its falling point on the photographic space.

The truth is: Both black and white are important

This may seem like an obvious statement to black and white photographers, but it is sometimes overlooked. Remember, never let the gray take up too much space on the frame. Too much gray will make the photo no depth and become flat, lifeless.

Too much gray is seen as a problem of false metering. Black and white is present in every picture, you just need to catch the right light needed to properly describe the nuances of it. At the same time, consider the color balance between black and white. This does not mean that you have to measure the ratio of the two colors of white and black to be equal in the image, but to create an overall balance between the objects, even for a photograph taken in a bright light. High brightness or in a very dark space.

Master the black and white photography category

Pay attention to the gray

A beautiful black-and-white photo needs to ensure a wide range of transitions of different grayscale. This will create depth and revitalize the image. And to do this, depends a lot on your metering ability. The sky is often a great place to create these gradations, and when they have shades that fade from light to dark, it’s time to take advantage of them to frame your black and white photo.

Look for intermediate grays possible and then, measure the surrounding objects based on that gray. (If possible, use the white balance function of digital cameras.) Gray is especially important when capturing skin tone as well as shaping the body shape and face of a model in black and white portrait photography.

Master the black and white photography category

How to measure the standard

Standard metering is key to creating great black-and-white photos. Each photo should be different in the gradation of the tone, they should not be on the same level of white, or black. Some may be darker, some may be brighter.

Standard metering gives each photo the most accurate and unique picture when they are taken in each situation. Get used to setting the right ISO for changing lighting to get the best possible exposure meter.

Master the black and white photography category

Measure the intermediate light area so that you can understand the shades of black and white in the scene. At the same time, learn more to understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed so that you don’t shoot wrongly because the image is missing or overexposed. In black-and-white photography, you need to become more sensitive to light in order to capture the smallest light-shifting areas possible.

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