How to keep a camera in safe?

The camera is considered your precious object and you are worried about how to keep it as safe as possible. I will show you the safest way to preserve your camera with the article below. Please refer to find yourself the answer.

Read camera specifications before and after buying

You should carefully research the specifications of the camera before shopping. Specifications are of prime concern for professional photographers. It largely determines the value of the camera.

Clean the camera

Cleaning the camera is very important. It helps keep your camera running at its best. Cleaning you should be careful not to use the cotton swab to clean the camera.

Lens lenses are very prone to dust, how to properly clean the camera lens is that you hold the camera downwards, blowing the dust gently. And then you should use specialized cleaning tools to clean the lens.

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Be careful with the weather and storage temperatures

Strong light will damage your camera. Therefore, it is helpful to not point the camera directly at the sun, a high-pressure light or a laser. In the conditions of bad shooting environment, harsh climate, wet or windy dust, you should limit the lens mount. In cases like these, you should bring a durable, specialized carrying accessory to best protect your camera equipment.

Be careful when taking apart

Be sure to turn off the device before changing lenses, or removing memory cards. To remove the lens from the camera, gently turn the camera joint until the lens comes out of the camera frame. Usually on the body of the lens has a red dot or separately in Canon camera brand is white dot. On the lens and on the camera body are these dots, when fitted you put these two dots together and then rotate smoothly.

After you remove the lens from the camera body, immediately use the sensor cover. It protects your computer from the outside environment, causing bad effects to the machine.

Carry shipping

When carrying the machine, you should disassemble the camera and tripod. To ensure that the device is not too bulky when moving, avoid impacting the computer.

One of the things you should not do when traveling by transport is to put the camera in the trunk or trunk. Because when moving the machine, it may be hit by the vehicle wall, causing damage to the machine. And one more thing is when you put the machine into the trunk of the car, the heat in the trunk will cause serious damage to the sensor.

Keep out of reach of children, as they often throw objects or drop to the ground. This can cause your camera to shatter.

Do not leave the appliance in the cupboard for too long

Do not store in humid places, where the temperature is too high, do not store in the refrigerator for too long, … this will damage the battery and damage the device quickly.

Do not insert a fully charged battery into the device

– When fully charged, you should not insert the battery immediately into the machine and use it because it damages the power supply.

– The battery that has just been charged is usually still hot. If you put it in immediately, the high temperature will damage the tiny parts of the device.

– In this case, leave the battery to rest for 5-10 minutes before installing it. Avoid even using batteries of the wrong type.

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