Getting creative with macro photos

If I come across a picture of a stunningly beautiful green mantis, a dragonfly next to a pond … on social media, those images make you carve. That’s macro photography, a type of macro photography, magnifying the subject to be taken larger than it really is! So how to get those beautiful photos? Stay tuned for a few tips to help you take better macro photography below!

No matter how good the machine is, how sublime the technique is but not knowing what to choose, it is also not. As for capturing insects that are always on the move, there are their very poisonous actions that even professional photographers are hard to grasp. Choose the right object and don’t get too close because it can scare them away.

Finally, capture the subject with a minimum size of 75% of the frame. Only thus emphasizes the main subject of the image.

In addition to the subject idea, macro photography is important in choosing the right device and lens for photography. For technical equipment selection, it is very important to choose the magnification ratio, it must be 1: 1 if smaller then it means that lens cannot be a macro lens.

Besides, the selection of focal length lenses is suitable for each category. If the lens has a focal length of 50 – 65mm, you can take photos of jewelry, materials such as wool, small electronic parts. If the lens with focal length of 85 – 180mm, this is a great lens for you to be creative with taking pictures of flowers and insects. You can choose for yourself a lens that suits your purpose.

If you want to take macro photography more professionally, it will be indispensable for you that accessory is a tripod to avoid out-of-net hands. With macro art, even a little shaky hands can be compared to a strong earthquake for the subject being photographed.

Focus manually

A good picture definitely needs clear and sharp images, in addition to macro photos to distinguish it from other types of photos that need a depth of field (DOF). And to increase the DOF you need to keep the aperture as small as possible and manually focus, which helps to increase the sharpness of the subject area.

Shutter speed

You need to learn how to control the shutter speed because if you take insect macro photography, the subject will not be in static mode. With this kind of moving subject, you need to press quickly to capture the ideal posture and angle.

With macros, light is essential. If you only want to use natural light, you need to understand the intensity, direction, impact and choose the right camera angle, or need additional shielding to get the best light quality for your subject. yourself.

You need to pay attention, because maybe the light from the flash that you create will make the object like an awful insect run away. And to make the light softer, more natural, you should use a diffuser.

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