Film editing with a DSLR camera, why not?

DSLR cameras are capable of doing this very well. So what should we take some notes when making movies with DSLR cameras? Let’s refer to some notes in the process of making movies with DSLR cameras for beginners below for the most accurate answer!

There is a clear Plan

With any kind of movie, documentary, music video clip or just a family-friendly clip, everything should still be meticulously planned and make sure you stick to that plan.

Things you definitely need to do:

– Having a clear script and grasping that scenario

– Calculate in advance the rotation angle when performing

– Plan the time required for filming

– Arrange the work and meet the crew (actors, lighting, make up, etc.)

Strain tension

Stretching during filming requires practice and other supporting accessories. Since most semi-professional and professional DSLRs are still not capable of continuous focusing when recording like professional camcorders.

The rotation angle

Many people believe that with a single shot, shoot as many angles as possible to choose from when editing. However, this will only take you a lot of time and money. You should only rotate certain angles in the script.


Today’s cameras are packed with unique features, so being able to shoot movies on a DSLR is really convenient, isn’t it? Even professional filmmakers sometimes take advantage of the flexibility and high image quality of these DSLRs.


DSLR lenses have a much better advantage than the professional camcorders used as PL lenses. The reason is that the range of lenses is different, to improve image quality, we will often use Mr. Fix. However, if you are a beginner, you can use simpler ways with suitable focal lengths.

Ministry of balance

For scenes that need a lot of movement, or action scenes, you need a stabilizer to use for your footage. For DSLR cameras, the cost of the stabilizer is much cheaper than the specialized camcorders, manufacturers have created simple stabilizers to fit the weight of the DSLR.

Post production

Currently there are many software for those who want to make their own movies, very easy to use and effective:

– iMovie: Usually pre-installed on a Mac or can be downloaded from the App Store.

– Pro Show Gold: The software allows you to combine clips, background music and images very lightly and effectively

– Davinci Revole Lite: If you are more professional, you can experience making movies on this Black Magic-developed software. Color grading is the strength of Davinci Revole. Currently, Black Magic is free to download on its website.

Your movies will be much easier and faster when shooting with a DSLR because the movie files are usually exported in mov or Avi format MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 can work directly on most post-production software.

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