DJ music concert by Fatias Nguyen and Nick Fanny in Oct 2022

Fatias Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American composer. He has a diverse musical background, including classical training at the San Francisco Conservatory, eight years touring as the frontman of a psychedelic rock band, running a New York studio and producing music. for a variety of artists, from musicals to hardcore to soundtracks. As a live performer, he presents a unique approach to electronic music through the use of ‘microtonal synthesis’ and asymmetric rhythms, creating dense sonic regions that captivate listeners. can temporarily forget their ego and get lost in the sound. In addition, Nick Fanny is a sound artist, DJ and music producer. Nic moved to Vietnam over 10 years ago, after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Audio and Multimedia Arts from the University of Central Lancashire, UK.

He has organized and played for music events in the area ever since. He has been a resident DJ of The Observatory since the club first opened in 2013. Honing his playing skills since the mid 90’s, he holds the position of resident DJ at Dry 201 (Factory Records, New). Order) in Manchester, and is an avid collector of diverse musical genres. He is one of two members of MadderModes, a music production project that has had publications on an impressive range of labels including DRED Records and Millions of Moments.

Organizational units:

Sinny Times is an independent art project focusing on performance art, contemporary dance, sound art and experimental music, film, video and multimedia. Founded in September 2018 by Quyen D. Pham, the project is dedicated to immateriality in art and does not operate in a fixed location.

Playdj Drama Theater was established in 2021 by two directors and artists Quoc Thao and Quoc Thuan, under the Ho Chi Minh City Literary and Art Training and Experimental Center, under the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Literary and Art Associations. Bright. Activities of Quoc Thao Drama Theater include three main segments: the experimental stage, the practice stage and the main stage with a capacity of 250 seats. This is the venue for performances and acting courses for drama students

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