Hot show of this month – “At the Gate” 2nd show

“At the Gate” 2nd show is a Southeast Asian creative and artistic show that will feature Maiphu Le and Lanah Phan, selling tickets online and live from today, 01-June, with a favorable early price. The entire recording show will be sponsored by the creative media company

In the live performance part, the singer will perform elaborately choreographed new remixes. Next to the gameshow, they will participate in challenges, interactive minigames with an element of surprise that connect with the audience. Learn more about the show at

In response to the audience’s expectations, “At the Gate” 2 with a well-invested music stage will open ticket sales directly to fans. The prices for Standard, VIP and VVIP ticket classes are $25, $60 and $80, respectively

Also in the week from May 31 to June 7, online viewers can buy tickets at an early bird price of 199,000 VND. In addition, the audience of the eBox topics as well as the first issue of “At the Gate” will enjoy a special discounted ticket price from 10$.

Group buyers from 3 to 5 members get 15% off; 6 to 10 people 20% off; 10 to 20 people get 25% off and over 20 people get 30% off.

Interested readers can register
Buy tickets here.
Not only enjoy live music, interact closer with guest singers, spectators who buy tickets to watch live also receive many accompanying benefits such as: enjoy finger food, sponsor gifts and boxes NFT from Artaverse.

Maiphu Le became famous from Vietnam Idol 2010, her latest album titled Huong with songs of the blue jazz genre,

Returning to the second issue, “At the Gate” continues to bring the audience an interactive stage experience between two singers Maiphu Le and Lanah Phan. More than a decade has passed since the Vietnam Idol 2010 contest, both artists have gone through separate musical paths, they have differences in style, in music as well as in artistic experiences.

“At the Gate” the second show will once again bring both Maiphu Le and Lanah Phan back, standing together on the same stage to “light up music”, experience themselves with each other’s music. Through the program’s interactions, the two promise to bring the audience an emotional night of music.

Lanah Phan was born in 1986, known after the Vietnam Idol 2010 contest. The male singer won the first prize of The mash up.
Lanah Phan has won the champion of The mash up.

The second show of “At the Gate” will still be streamed via the dailyshow platform, which means audiences can still experience the elaborately choreographed musical stage from anywhere, overcoming difficulties. difficult, geographically separate. Tickets for the live stream will only be available to close to 300 spectators, and fans will need to register to purchase early.

The program is staged according to the entertainment show format, including the following contents: talkshow (chat), gameshow (game), live performance (live performance). Specifically, the talkshow part is a direct dialogue and exchange to explore more deeply about the artist’s style, artistic personality, form and career path.

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