“Untitle”: a combination of talented independent artists

Nguyen Chung is an artist, choreographer and motion instructor currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. Chung’s artistic practice explores the intersection of contemporary dance, performance, and the study of the body to understand the mind-body relationship. Chung’s works focus on the experience/feeling of the body, associated with body movement, touch (tactile), sound, time, space, and interaction with objects.

Chung graduated from the Vietnam Dance Academy in 2009. During the period from 2009-2016, Chung started his career as a professional dancer at Arabesque dance company (Vietnam), THE Dance Company (Singapore) and Cinevox Junior Company. (Switzerland) and in 2013 won the special prize in the international modern dance competition in Korea.

Working independently since 2017, Chung has completed artist-in-residence projects such as Deep in the Mountains (Korea), Southeast Asia Choreolab, (Malaysia), The International Choreographers Residency – American Dance Festival (Durham, USA) , Platform/s-ADF Alumni-Kelola Workshop (Yogyakarta, Indonesia).

“Untitle” is the first work to be performed with Nhi Le

With an imaginative and poetic approach, Nhi Le reflects the endless cycle of life: birth, life, death and rebirth in her performance.

“Nhi Le (Space Man) is a visual artist based in Saigon, Vietnam. Her practice focuses on eliciting thoughts about the original human being and the values ​​and factors that influence behavior and habits in modern society. Researching and discovering new and “exotic” experiences for audiences is a long-standing topic of interest to her. She looks for primitive emotions and demands attention from the audience or even involves them directly in the work.

Nhi graduated from Studio Arts College International in Italy. She has participated in the Artist-in-Residence program in Southeast Asia (Malaysia), performed in group and solo projects at San Art, MoTplus and A. Farm (Vietnam), and her works have been exhibited in various international markets. International galleries such as UDK Quer Gallery (Germany), Chiasso Perduto Gallery (Italy)… She also won the award in the framework of the ‘You Can Talk To Me’ program organized by the iSEE Institute. She recently joined the Goethe-Institut’s Idea Booster program as art director and performance artist.

Besides, Nhi is also the coordinator of the Contemporary Performance Art workshop ‘Fill in the Gap’, helping people better understand this art form. She wishes to hold it in every city, space she has ever been to.”

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